Adios Barcelona

It is bittersweet to be writing this final blog post because it means that I am back home in Calgary. My time participating in the TAB program has been very unique and I believe I have developed skills that will be invaluable to me as a future teacher. My last day at my TAB placement school, Leonardo da Vinci, was very emotional for me as all of the students and teachers were so kind and appreciative of my time there. A few tears were definitely shed! I one day hope to return to Barcelona and Sant Cugat and see mi familia español once again! I really enjoyed teaching ELL students and I will keep learning techniques that will help me to engage with ELLs effectively. Given the rate of ELL students in our city, the TAB program is excellent in developing these types of skills. I learned to be more multi-modal in my teaching, and also that you can never explain directions too carefully! I am beginning my practicum on Monday in a school with a high ELL population and so I am eager to utilize what I have learned.                                                                               

My home away from home                            



Some things that I will miss about Barcelona:                  

Living by the beach and going swimming all the time

Being able to go to a bunch of amazing restaurants just steps away from my front door

Menu del día! From Monday - Friday you can get a 3 course meal for between 10-18 euros (including a drink)

+20 weather!

Exploring rural towns and other cities just as little as an hour away from Barcelona

Beautiful and unique European architecture

Practicing Spanish every day

Rambunctious students!


That being said, there are many things that I have missed about Calgary and I am happy to be home to see my friends and family. Teaching abroad has been a wonderful and eye-opening experience and I highly recommend it to pre-service teachers. I have learned a lot, and developed relationships, which I wouldn't have been able to do had it not been for this program. 







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