We have been in China for about 2 weeks now but tomorrow is the first day of our language classes so I think that officially marks the start of my TAB adventures. I met all the staff who will be supporting us while we're here (they invited us to dinner) and they are all very very kind.

So far I've seen Beijing, Guilin and Yangshou, and now Xi'an and each of these places is completely different from one another. I hope to get a chance to see more of China while I am here and to learn more about Chinese culture. Before coming I knew a few words in Mandarin but since coming here I've learned so many new words! I'm very excited to be given the chance to learn Chinese while we are living here. It's a very amazing opportunity and I'm a little disappointed we only get two months of classes, but I intend on making the most of it and supplementing what I learn in classes with what I learn through my experiences in China.

Another goal for my TAB experience is to gain more  experience with ELL students and ELL teaching strategies. Explaining new concepts to ELL students is something I struggled with a lot during my last practicum so I am looking forward to the opportunity to spend time with ELL students. There is a junior high on campus and I've been told we will be assisting in classrooms where the students intend on moving outside of China once they are done their education. This seems like a very unique classroom setting and I'm looking forward to meeting my students.  

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