Before my adventure ends...

As our time here is coming to and end, the list of things I am grateful for has become larger than expected! I am grateful that Sunaira stayed in a homestay, because we got to experience a family cooked meal to celebrate National women's day here. It was a very interesting time, with lots of rice wine and very good Vietnamese food! We have tried so many new things here, I cannot begin to imagine how it will feel to be back at home. We literally remember thinking about how much time we have to do so many things, but here we are now hearing the end and I feel panicky, as if I can't possibly do everything I want to before we leave. It is a shocking feeling that I didn't expect. Of course I am eager to go home now, but a big part of me wants to stay here!
Today I almost drowned trying to surf. But with some tips from the locals I was successful a handful of times at least! I am constantly shocked at how accommodating and welcoming the people here are. It makes me think that if I saw someone in Canada struggling, would I be willing to throw my own day away to lend a helping hand?
We have been treated so well here. Some of the best experiences I have had here were thanks to people that we connected to by visiting local restaurants. My favourite Pho place ( pronounced 'fa' despite how most Canadians say it!) was somewhere I frequented quite often. I got to know the owner who speaks English only minimally, but enough to become someone I would call a friend. He recently invited my friends and I to his home, where we got to experience a very authentic seafood meal. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. His family treated us like we were their own, and my last day with Phuong at the restaurant was full of brimming tears. I have added him on Facebook, and hope to maintain a relationship in the future.
The last few weeks have been full of everyone saying how much they will miss us, even students we did not get to teach! It humbles you to know how highly these people see you, when we are only just pre-service teachers hoping to help. My decision here was a bold one, as I was incredibly nervous about my abilities to adapt to a different culture and be able to prosper. But the people here, the learning experiences we have gone through, will change my life for the better. I am looking forward to practicum more than I had before, as I feel more strongly about my ability to adapt and be creative. I hope that I am able to carry this back with me to Canada. I am nervous still, but it has turned from an anxiety ridden nervous, to an excited anticipation, which is an important distinction in a life where I have struggled to see the positives out of past challenges. 
I finally know how to speak a few things in Vietnamese, and am devastated that we are leaving just as I feel comfortable here. It is a strange feeling, but one that I will treasure. In the last week we have gotten to celebrate Halloween with both the high school and primary school students, and it was amazing to see the joy they got in celebrating something that isn't even a typical holiday on this side of the world. Sometimes it made me sad however, as I feel they have many relevant celebrations of their own culture, that I think Canada would benefit in from sharing. For example, we learned on November 25th (my birthday!) it is National Teacher's Day in Vietnam. We were told that typically there is no teaching done on this day, as it is devoted to the students celebrating and doing things for the teachers who guide them. This country also celebrated National women's Day, while in Canada we just have the one International Women's Day, which is hardly celebrated as much as it was here! In Canada I fear we are forgetting many values, like gratitude, appreciation, and an overall sense of love. Their lives here are busy like ours, but filled with different concerns, and thus different ways to obtain and see joyful moments. 
I am feeling such bittersweet emotions at the thought of leaving. I will miss my friends here, but I will not forget how they have influenced my life. We were lucky enough to be able to go see a beautiful Buddha statue prior to it's closing (as Donald Trump is staying at the Intercontinental and it is now currently closed down to all public and even the Vietnamese people that worked there!). It was a wonderful way to wrap up our time here in Vietnam, reminding us of the appreciation these people have for their beliefs, their land, and their people. 
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