China - the National Holiday

China has been a wonderful cultural experience so far. We have continued our Chinese language classes and now have many more words in our vocabulary. Although I can say many more things in Chinese, I still find it extremely difficult to understand what local people are saying. This is because they speak so fast! They often have their own local dialect with causes them to pronounce words slightly differently. Thankfully I have made a few Chinese friends who are very patient with me and help me learn/study. 

My teaching in China has been quite the experience so far. Having 50 grade 7 students in each class whose English level is very low is definitely challenging. I have been teaching them Geography, I would consider this to be like an Earth Sciences subject. As you can imagine the content can be quite complicated, especially for students who cannot speak very good English. For this reason, I have learned and tried many different strategies to help teach difficult content to English language learners.

A couple weeks ago was the National Holiday in China. My Dad flew all the way out here to visit me and stayed for just over a week. We had a chance to visit many famous cultural sites including the Terracotta Warriors. The history and culture is so fascinating! I also think I discovered my new favorite food…. Hotpot… It is absolutely delicious! 

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