First Day in Hamburg!


I just arrived in Hamburg, after spending 4 days in Rome! This is my first time travelling alone so I am both excited & a little nervous! Luckily I am living with another U of C student, which should help with the culture shock :). We took a walk around our new neighbourhood last night and were pleasantly surprised with how many shops and restaurants there are, as we are in a rather suburb-y area. Our German buddies informed us that all stores are closed on Sundays, so they quickly took us to stock up on a few things before the shops closed for the weekend. Our AirBnB apartment is a great size, with friendly German hosts, and an adorable Labrador puppy living above us (which I am already scheming for ways to get him to come live with us instead!). 

Tomorrow I start my first day in my Grade 2 classroom at an English immersion elementary school. Since I am specializing in Early Childhood Education, I am very excited to see what a German ECE classroom looks like. I have already noticed a difference in their education, as Drama & Socialization are included in their weekly class schedule and they are done by 1PM(!) everyday. Since it is an English immersion school my (extremely limited) German language skills shouldn’t affect my ability to assist my partner teacher too much; but I still hope to learn some of the language while I am here!

It’s hard to believe this experience has already begun, as I feel like I barely had time to think over it after such a busy summer; and I can already tell it is going to go by too fast!

Bis Bald!


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