Hamburg Germany TAB experience in a nutshell

I’m slowly adjusting to Calgary life, I just finished switching out my summer stuff with winter clothes. It feels strange sitting in my room reflecting back on what is now a memory. The TAB opportunity definitely provided me an incredible experience which supported my growth professionally and personally. My time in school allowed me to build relationships, understand difficulties ELL students face, and what I need to include in my future lesson designs in order to reach them as well.

The students were very sweet and although I couldn’t speak German, I felt well connected with them. I don’t know how that happened…Maybe it was because I wasn’t distracted by what they said, instead focused on body language and on what they did. I had the same experience with my roommate who couldn’t speak English. We connected well even though we couldn’t verbally understand each other. This just goes to show that I shouldn’t limit my interactions due to language barriers. It can be frustrating but it isn’t the only factor when it comes to connecting and building relationships. Plus, majority of our communication is made up of non-verbal body language. That brings me to my second highlight of this experience. The length of this program allowed me to get to know my roommates and the people I met along the way. It also gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in a different country and experience daily life in a different way. I enjoy travelling and have backpacked Europe and South East Asia but after this experience I’m considering living in one place for a longer period of time. Teaching aboard is also an option I’m considering after this experience. 

Danke für alles!
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