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Final Reflections!

I can’t believe I’ve been home for 5 days now! It’s definitely been bittersweet, I was incredibly excited to see my family and friends, however, I can’t stop talking about my experiences in Vietnam. From teaching the adorable elementary students to creating bonds with the high school students to the authentic Vietnamese lunches and dinners we’ve had the honour of being invited to. To exploring places such as Ba Na Hills, Marble mountain, Hai Van Pass, Son Tra mountain, etc.

I absolutely miss everything about Vietnam! When we weren’t in the classrooms or working on course work, we would take advantage of the beautiful beaches or opportunity to explore the different areas around Danang! I remember scouting out different restaurants depending on what we were in the mood for that day! I’m going to miss waking up in the morning knowing that everyday would be a new adventure full of confusion and excitement! We would embrace the confusion and take in the excitement that every single day had to offer.

Throughout my stay in Vietnam I have gained a lot of experience, which I believe will help me during my practicum here in Calgary. Although nervous, I am excited to start teaching and applying everything that I learned in Vietnam to my grade 2/3 practicum class!

I am incredibly sad to have left Vietnam but I am very excited to soon return to such an incredible place full of memories and long lasting friendships!

Ps. The jetlag is unreal!

tạm biệt - hẹn gặp lại!

(Good Bye - See you again!)

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I can’t believe our adventures are coming to an end! It’s been such an incredible experience. To be honest, I’m kind of sad to be leaving such a beautiful place!

In the past few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to explore some interesting places around Vietnam! We all went to a place called Ba Na Hills, which has the worlds longest gondola ever! Once you got to the top of the mountain, there is a bunch of places to visit, such as a French Village, an indoor amusement park, a beautiful garden, temples and much more! It was such a unique place, it almost felt like a mini Disneyland! The amusement park was awesome full of fun rides and games! I definitely felt like a kid again!

We also had a chance to go to Son Tra mountain, which is also known as monkey mountain. We spent a whole day on the look out for monkeys! It is safe to say that we were extremely successful. We had a chance to see the cutest and most frightening monkeys on that mountain. The viewpoints were beautiful and everything about this place was just so serene. It was so nice to enjoy some quiet and relaxation time away from all the hustle and bustle. After enjoying a beautiful day exploring, we stopped at a temple on our way

home. It was so beautiful full of lush gardens and the most beautiful architecture ever. On our way home from the temple, we passed the intercontinental hotel where we discovered the APEC summit will be held. We also learned that both Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump will be attending the summit here in Vietnam!

We also visited a place called Hoi An Ancient Town, which was full of lanterns and beautiful lights! That is also where I tried egg coffee for the first time and loved it! We took a boat ride in Hoi An, the entire river was full of candles and the entire town was lit up. We also had a chance to tour the night markets and make friends with tourists from all over the world!

A few days go we were honoured to be invited to an authentic Vietnamese lunch by one of the locals who we made friends with down the street. This was definitely an

experience never to be forgotten. We had the chance to bond with some of the locals and enjoy their home-cooked food (to be fair we didn’t really know exactly what we were eating, but it was delicious nonetheless!). No matter how much of a struggle it was to communicate throughout the lunch we always ended up resorting to laughing. That being said, the lunch was full of smiles and laughter!

Apart from all the exploring we have had a lot of time teaching in the classroom. Teaching has been both incredible and difficult at times. I am constantly learning a lot despite the language barrier. Sometimes I think that it is so important to embrace the uncertainty and learn to be flexible and enjoy these moments. 

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