One week left in China

I have now been in China for over 2 months…. wow. My Chinese learning has come a long way, but the more I talk to people the more I realize how little I know haha. I am actually quite sad that our TAB experience is coming to an end soon. Having said this, I am also excited to begin my practicum when I come home and teach English students again. Last weekend Sherin and I had the opportunity to visit the city of Chengdu. This was such a cool experience, we got the chance to visit the Panda Research Centre. We also met some really nice Chinese guys and hung out with them for the night. They took us to a great hot pot restaurant which was delicious. Their English was not very good so we had to try use the little bit of language we have learned, and thankfully we all had translator apps on our phones.


I have also started teaching English to many Chinese University students campus. I really enjoy tutoring them and they are very appreciative. In exchange, they help me practice speaking, reading and writing Chinese. I hope to make the very most of my week in China!

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