Otsukaresama Deshita! / Back in Canada

Hello Everyone!

And so, my journey through the Teaching Across Border program has come to an end! I can’t believe how quickly these last ten weeks in Sapporo flew by, and I can’t believe the amount of precious experiences and memories that I have gained throughout this journey. Now that I am back home in Calgary, I feel like I've only really begun to deeply reflect on my experience. I think back on my time and Japan, and both my mind and heart explode when I try to recall all the amazing things I have learned, and when I think about all the kind and supportive people I've grown to deeply care for.

Through TAB I was able to fully immerse myself and grow to deeply appreciate another culture by living through and learning through it. Yes, due to language barriers, I struggled to communicate with teachers, peers, students, my host family, and other people I just happened to encounter. But I feel that through that struggle, I could work hard to develop my skills beyond verbal communication, as well as experience first hand what it’s like to learn another language. I feel like I have grown to appreciate the value of literacy more deeply, and of what it means to really comprehend and engage with the learning material. Through my experiences at Ainosato Nishi Elementary school, I feel like I have gained much in terms of teaching strategies, especially when it comes to formative assessment and in knowing your students well. Most of all, I think this experience has reminded me of the importance of community, in the family, in schools, and beyond.




As a future teacher, my ultimate goals are to inspire lifelong learning, and help my students to develop 21st century competencies, as well as grow in a way that allows them to live fully and happily. And I think that one of the ways in which teachers can accomplish this is through knowing and collaborating with your students, creating meaningful engagement, and establishing community. Although I am sad to be leaving Sapporo and all the wonderful people I have met her, I am excited to go back to Calgary and take what I have learned in Japan and use it in my future teaching practices!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout this entire journey!

Arigato gozaimashita!

Until next time! Mata ne!


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