I’ve been home now for two days and have had some time to reflect and adjust to jet lag. I came home through Los Angeles (pro tip: flying in and out on a Friday and a Monday is way cheaper than all at once on a weekend) and had a nice little beach vacation before coming home. When I stepped off the plane in Calgary it was -9 and snowing, which I was not too thrilled about.

Now that I’m home, I’m getting things together for when we start Field III next week. I have mixed emotions about it. I met with my partner teacher today and am already switching gears from teaching mini lessons in Hamburg to real lesson planning and long term teaching here. I am excited to get into a new routine and meet the students I’ll be working with, but I also already miss the teachers and students from Hamburg.

I’m still getting German ads on my social medias and I miss it terribly. I was happy to see my family, drive my car, buy groceries that I know what they are, and use a good washer and dryer, but I’m over the novelty of being home and I want to hop right back on a plane again. What I’m most happy about with my TAB experience overall is that I really feel that I didn’t take a single thing for granted and I made the most of my time. I travelled to nine countries and seventeen cities in ten weeks, had a great time teaching and learning at my school, finished the online classes with good grades, and made it through seventeen flights and countless trains and buses without any disasters. I believe I took full advantage of my time in Europe, and I could not have had a better experience. Tschüss, Germany.

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