Sunburnt in Sapporo

It’s the end of a long day as I sit down to write this post. The day started in Tokyo at 4:00am, where I checked out of my hotel and made my way to Haneda Airport for the flight to Sapporo. Haneda is essentially Tokyo’s domestic airport, and while it’s much smaller than Narita, it felt busier. The 777 we took had a nose-mounted camera to give us a first-person view of the liftoff and landing. Is this common? I haven’t seen it before.

I landed in New Chitose airport south of Sapporo and took the bus into town. After grabbing lunch and dropping my bags I train-hopped north to the HUE Sapporo campus. I also got to take a taxi part of the way, which was a great chance to practice my Japanese, and I’d rather mention that than my conversation with the ticket agent where I mixed up “my older sister” and “that platform over there.” You know, because those are super close together (they’re not).

Once I got to campus I met with the international team, including the TAB liaisons and their Director. One of their English instructors is fairly new to campus, so we went on a tour of campus together and chatted about HUE and UofC, and some quirks about life in Canada. I also visited a Year 1 teacher ed class and chatted with the students, one of which is hoping to come to Canada next year as part of one of HUE’s other exchange programs.

After some more meetings and introductions it was time for dinner. The folks at HUE invited me to join them at Yakitori, a pub-like restaurant that mostly serves skewered meats (tori means bird/chicken) and sake. Tokyo was good for learning about what Japan values as a country, but tonight’s dinner was great for learning about the HUE team as people. They introduced me to new dishes, showed me a drink made from sweet potatoes that wasn’t orange (witchcraft, I think), and chatted about their lives, their families, and the work they do. They’re a kind and generous bunch and I’m looking forward to the next few days getting to know them and the city a little better.

A quick aside – Although there has been a significant earthquake in Osaka I’m quite far from there and so haven’t been affected by it.

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