The countdown home begins...

Well, there's only about 2 weeks left here in China now. There is one thing on my bucket list that I absolutely had to do prior to leaving China... Visit Chengdu city, famous for its pandas! Chengdu is the 4th largest city in China, and its riddled with famous landmarks across the city.

I flew in on Thursday, and spent that first day frolicking at an ancient marketplace, exploring some of the city on foot, and eating hotpot. The following day, I visited the Wenshuyuan Buddhist Temple. There, I also indulged in a famous jasmine tea at the temple's teahouse.

Alas, I woke up early on Saturday to head to Chengdu's Research and Giant Panda Breeding Base. I did my research prior to the visit, as I wanted to be sure that I was visiting an ethical institution. I arrived at 730AM, even though the official opening time is at 8AM. Being there so early meant we beat the crowds and got close to the pandas as they were feeding. It was an unreal experience! That evening, we met 2 Chinese men who were also traveling in Chengdu. We ended up hanging out and conversing in both Chinese and English. I'm grateful that I was able to visit Chengdu before heading back to Canada.

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