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Our last night in Mississippi, there was a tornado. I had heard earlier in the day that there was a weather warning, but I didn’t pay it much heed. I think as a Calgarian, I have been desensitized to weather warnings. Around 9pm, the alarms went off…
Nov 8, 2018
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We are fortunate to live only about an hour and a half away from Memphis, Tennessee, where there are many interesting things to do and see, as well as a lot of history. We visited the National Civil Rights museum, which was a thought provoking, sobe…
Oct 25, 2018
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"Edit: I have since learned that rifles and shotguns are not the same thing. For the sake of clarity and accuracy:
A rifle shoots one bullet at a time, and is meant to have greater aiming accuracy. A shotgun shoots multiple smaller projectiles, calle…"
Oct 22, 2018
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One of the things that I was most apprehensive about when I came to Mississippi was guns. Firearms. As a Canadian, the only guns I am familiar with (and I say familiar, not comfortable) are the ones that law enforcement have, and the hunting guns th…
Oct 10, 2018
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Schools are structured a lot differently in Mississippi (or at least in Oxford). Elementary schools generally house two grades, with multiple classes of each grade. For example, there will be a grade 5-6 school, with about 6 classes of each grade. I…
Sep 20, 2018