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Jul 12
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Today I visited HUE’s Hakodate campus. It’s smaller than Sapporo, but the team made it a packed day for getting a sense of the work they do here and how they connect to Japanese education overall. After a campus tour, I sat in on two classes, both i…
Jun 25
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Nearly two weeks into my trip and I’ve finally had “real sushi.” It’s not that sushi is hard to find or that there aren’t a lot of sushi restaurants – but as you might have noticed, if something is easy to find, I usually miss it. But today I succee…
Jun 24
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Hakodate is a port city on the southeast side of Hokkaido, home to a few hundred thousand people and a large star fort. It’s had a long history as a port city trading with the rest of the world, and is the gate to the north for Japan and much of its…
Jun 23
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Today started with an early flight out of Okadama airport. It’s the smallest airport so far on this trip – 1 gate, 1 plane, and not much more. We were airborne for only 40 minutes before landing in Hakodate, on the southern edge of Hokkaido, with Ha…
Jun 22
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To wrap up my time in Sapporo I visited some of the sights around town that the folks at HUE said were worth a visit. Like Tokyo, Sapporo has a TV tower in the middle of the city – this time overlooking Odori Park. Odori runs several blocks above on…
Jun 21
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Today we visited HUE-Sapporo’s two Affiliated Schools – a junior high school (grades 7-9) and an elementary school (grades 1-6). We started with the junior high, visiting with Dr. Oga and the Vice Director of HUE’s international office, as well as 4…
Jun 20
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It’s a warm and windy day in Hokkaido! To start things off today I got to campus without getting lost (it doesn’t count as getting lost if I only look at the map 53 times). Our first meeting was with some third year education students, including som…
Jun 19
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It’s the end of a long day as I sit down to write this post. The day started in Tokyo at 4:00am, where I checked out of my hotel and made my way to Haneda Airport for the flight to Sapporo. Haneda is essentially Tokyo’s domestic airport, and while i…
Jun 18
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It’s my last full day in Tokyo and the sun has finally come out! To start the day off I walked north to Tokyo Tower. While it’s not as tall as the Tokyo Skytree, it’s also much closer to get to on foot, and unlike certain other yeah-sure-that’s-a-to…
Jun 17
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A few miles east of my hotel is Tokyo harbour, a sprawling cargo complex that also has some good sightseeing points that are worth checking out. True to form I got lost twice along the way, but had some help from security guards who understood my br…
Jun 16
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My first full day in Tokyo! Things got started nice and early, which was great for getting to see the city before rush hour hit but not so great for finding a restaurant that was open for breakfast. I settled on a small western café called Dean & De…
Jun 15
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As part of TAB, Werklund has a longstanding relationship with the Hokkaido University of Education (HUE) in northern Japan. For nearly 3 decades, students from Werklund and HUE have been travelling overseas to learn about how teaching and learning h…
Jun 14
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